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Back Roads County 4x

Farming Simulator 22
Back Roads County 4x
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Welcome to Back Roads County 4x. A fictional 4x USA/Canadian inspired map placed out in the back roads farming industry. There you will find 1 prebuilt farm surrounded with farm land and forestry. - 1 Prebuilt Farm - Lime Buy Point - Woodland for Forestry - Sawmill - 81 Fields - Precision Farming ready - Stone quarry - 2 Train Silos

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- 2 months ago
I love the map!! I just wish that you could buy the roads and stuff(shows in GE as farmland 255)..
- 3 months ago
Hands down my favorite FSG map. First and foremost, it's beautiful. The mountain backdrop is so nice and the land itself is a really awesome mix of soft terrain undulation and large flat areas if you prefer. Secondly, for multiplayer its absolutely perfect. Plenty of room, nice wide roads with easy access to sell points and the store, lots of logging and both small and large fields to choose from. 5 stars all day long!