FSG Mod Assistant
FSG Mod Assistant is an easy to use Farming-Simulator Mod switcher, inpector, and more.
Download the latest version from our Github. https://github.com/FSGModding/FSG_Mod_Assistant/releases/latest

Installing and Getting Started.

FSG Mod Assistant

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This is a mod folder switcher with extra tools

  • Check mods to ensure that they (probably) work in game
  • Check a collection against a save game to see what is used and what is not
  • Resolve version differences of mods between collections


What this does

At it's core functionality, this is a file manager, and it has the ability to edit FS22's gameSettings.xml file to set one of your mod collections as the mod location the game reads.

A Special Note About SymLinks

One method to keep the size of a mod collection down is to use symlinks - Mod Assistant is aware of symlinks, and will treat them much like the game does - like any other mod file. Mod Assistant does not have any sort of built in sym link functions, you'll need a third party app or advanced knowledge of the command line to create them.

When doing file operations

  • Moveing a symlink will move the LINK DESCRIPTOR (the linked file remains unchanged)
  • Copying a symlink will copy the ORIGINAL FILE (the linked file is duplicated)
  • Deleteing a symlink will delete the LINK DESCRIPTOR (the linked file remains unchanged)

Note that invalid links in your folders will be ignored, however a warning message will be added to the debug log.

Due to how windows handles the permission for creating symlinks, it is not currently possible for Mod Assistant to make them

Translations and Localizations

Some effort has been made to produce a version of Mod Assistant in your preferred language, but as the creators only speak english, we need help on this. We accept we have an active CrowdIn project

What is a Broken Mod?

  • If a mod file is named incorrectly and won't load in the game.

    • Suggest it might be a copy if the name looks like a copy (and what the name probably should be)
    • Suggest you extract it if it looks like a collection of mods
  • If a mod is not properly zipped.

    • Suggest that you zip it up
    • Suggest you move the contents of the folder if it looks like a mod pack
    • Suggest you remove the folder if it looks like garbage
  • If a mod is not intended for FS22 (e.g. FS19 & FS17 mods)

    • Warn that you can't use it with this version
  • If a file exists that is not a mod at all

    • Suggest you remove the file


Download the installer for your platform from the Releases page - the program will install with 1-click, and auto-run when it's ready.

Download options

Builds are available for the following:

  • win x64 Installer
  • win x64 portable (no need to install)

Linux and Mac: this might build under MacOS and Linux, however I lack a test machine for either, so at a minimum the assumed paths are going to be wrong. If another developer wants to track down the right paths, I'd be happy to add them.


Either download the new version and install over top, or, the program will self-update itself every time you start it (downloads silently, installs on exit)

How to Use

PLEASE READ: Note about the Mod Cache: Mods are scanned and cached from disk so that this app can run as fast as possible - but the initial scanning process is in depth, and not very fast. So, be aware than when you add a folder of a lot of mods, it may take a bit of time to scan them for the first time. Mod Assistant goes out of it's way to only scan a "version" of a file once, so subsequent loads on the program will be much, much fast. If you are interested in the details of the cache, see below.

Main Screen


Collections Buttons

  • Add Folder : This button allows you to add a folder of mods as a collection to the program
  • Edit Folders : This button brings up a dialog where you can remove or open your collection folders in windows explorer.
  • Reload Folders : This button reloads the contents of your folders. If you have added or moved mods manually, this button lets you tell FSG Mod Assistant to update it's internal list. This happens automatically on startup

gameSettings Buttons

  • Collection Dropdown : Select the collection to activate. When "--disabled--" is shown, the mod folder override in gameSettings.xml is turned off. When "--unknown--" is shown, the mod folder override is set to a folder that FSG Mod Assistant is not tracking
  • Set Active : Set the currently selected collection in the dropdown to be the active collection in Farm Sim. Doing this with the game open could lead to odd results. (It may corrupt your gameSettings file, but most probably it just won't work until you restart the game)
  • Deactivate : Set the override in gameSettings.xml to off and just use the default mods folder again.

Other Buttons

  • Hamburger / Dots Button : User Preferences
  • Magnifying Glass : Search across all collections
  • Check Versions : Compare mod versions across different collections and resolve differences if desired.
  • Launch FS22 : Start the game. If your game is not in the default e-shop or steam location, you will need to set the game path in the preferences screen first.
  • Discord Join Button : Join the Farm Sim Game Discord for a great farming & modding community, and help on this app if you need it.

Filter Area

main-2 main-2

This allows you to refine which parts of the collection you see. This is a simple full text search, however preceding the search string with ! will show mods that do not match the string. In this example, FS22_25DU_Trailers is still shown, even though it does not match the string, because it was selected prior to searching. This is a safety measure so you do not accidentally move, copy, or delete files you were not intending to.

Search Buttons
  • Hide Tags : hides mods with these tags on them
  • Limit to Tags : only show mods with these tags (inclusive all)
  • Select None : Clear selection on this collection SHIFT+CTRL+A
  • Select All : Select all on this collection CTRL+A
  • Select Invert : Invert selection on this collection CTRL+I

Collections Area


In this area you will see a list of all of the collections (folders) that you have added.

Color Coding and Badges
  • Colors
    • Red Background : A red background indicates a mod or file that Mod Assistant thinks will not work in game
    • Green Background : This mod is currently selected
  • Badges
    • Depend : This mod has un-met dependencies.
    • Keys : This mod contains added key bindings. When green, these keybinds do not conflict with another mod in the collection. When red, they appear to conflict (although, in some cases this is fine - but if you can't use a mod, this could provide a helpful clue as to why)
    • Update : The version of the mod you have does not match the version on modhub
    • New : This file has been added to this collection since the last scan
    • Recent : This mod has recently been updated or released on the modHub
    • nonModHub : This mod wasn't found on ModHub, it is probably a 3rd party mod.
    • NotMOD : This file is not a mod
    • Broken : This mod is likely broken
    • Issue : This mod may have non game breaking issues
    • noMP : This mod can't be used for multiplayer
    • Folder : This mod is unzipped
    • PC Badge : This mod contains scripts, and will only work on PC/Mac

Special Note: - The Issue badge is based on all the possible issues we know about, including those that the Giants Server software reports - some of those issues are easily ignorable, and in fact do not pose a problem to a mod being included on the modhub. However, for completeness, they are displayed by Mod Assistant.

Active List

collections active zoom

The active list is marked with a green check over the folder.

Mouse Controls
  • ALT+Click : Will re-enable the "Find on ModHub" and "Show in Explorer" buttons for the clicked mod when selecting multiples
  • Left Click : Select / De-Select
  • Left Click, SHIFT + Left Click : Select a range
  • Right Click or Double Left Click : Open mod details page
Action Buttons
  • Compare to SaveGame : This will prompt you for a savegame (folder or zip file) and will compare what mods the save game expects to the mods in the collection.
  • Server Button : Open the server admin link in your default web browser
  • Download Button : Refresh all active mods from the server (if server download is configured and enabled)
  • Export Button : This allows you to export the collection as a CSV file containing the mod name, version, author, and if applicable, a link to the modhub page
  • Details Edit : This button brings up the collection details that will allow you to keep notes on the collection, and set your user name, password, and server name filter for multiplayer use.
  • Move To... : This will prompt you which collection you wish to move the selected files into. This button is only available when a one or more files are selected.
  • Copy To... : This will prompt you which collection you wish to copy the selected files into. This button is only available when a one or more files are selected.
  • Delete : This will prompt you to make sure you wish to delete the selected files. This button is only available when a one or more files are selected.
  • Show in Explorer : Open a windows explorer window with the selected file pre-selected. This button is only available when a single file is selected.
  • Find on ModHub : Attempt to open this mod on the modhub. This button is only available when a single file is selected, and Mod Assistant knows it is on the modhub. The list of mods is updated roughly hourly, and is refreshed when you restart the app.
  • Copy Favorites To... : Copy the contents of your favorite folder(s) to one or more other collections.

Folder Details Window

folder detail

This screen allows you to keep notes on a collection, and set some of the multiplayer server details to speed things up.

  • Favorite Collection : Mark this collection as a set of "favorite" mods for quick copying to other collections.
  • Collection Description : A description or tagline for this collection
  • Player Name : This is the name that is displayed in-game (multiplayer)
  • Server Name : This value is pre-filled in the server list screen to filter
  • Server Password : This value is pre-filled in the password box when attempting to join a server that requires a password
  • Server Website : This is a place to keep the administration address for a multiplayer server. This should be in the format http(s)://server.url:port/ - do not include the "index.html" at the end.
  • Allow Direct Download : If this server has direct mod download enabled, check this box to let mod assistant download and replace all mods on demand.
  • Admin Password : This is a place to note the admin password for the server.
  • Notes : This is a freeform notes input

Keep in mind that all of these details are stored in plain text both in mod assistant's config files, and FS 20222's files.

Detail Window

detail top

Double clicking or right clicking on a mod in the main window will bring up the detail window where you can see details about the mod such as the file date, file size, if it uses scripts, how many store items it has, and the mod description. If the mod is on the modhub, the most recent modhub version will appear, along with a link to open the modhub page in your default browser.

If problems or issues were found with the mod, you will also be presenting with detailed information on the issue, often with suggestions of how to fix them

detail top

The bottom section of the detail window is for developers, and contains a list of some information they may find helpful in debugging and releasing mods. This is not a replacement for the testRunner, it does not do several of the tests that are included there - however, some of the MP server warning tests are conducted that the testRunner choose to omit.

Move and Copy

move and copy

In the move and copy dialog you will see a list of the selected mods, along with a dropdown that will let you choose the destination for the files. If the file already exists at that location, you will be warned and prompted to Overwrite File?, leaving this box unchecked will ignore the file. To proceed, press the button at the bottom, to cancel simply close the popup window or press [ESC]

To toggle all the overwrite checkboxes on and off you can use CTRL+A and CTRL+SHIFT+A



In the delete dialog you will see a list of the selected mods. This is a permanent action, it directly deletes these files, bypassing the recycling bin. To proceed, press the button at the bottom, to cancel simply close the popup window or press [ESC]

Copy Favorites

copy fav

This dialog is used to copy the contents of your favorite collection(s) to multiple non-favorite collections. Check the collections you with to copy to. This function will automatically overwrite files at the destination.

The lower part of the screen shows what mods were found in the favorite collection(s).

Savegame Compare


In this display, you can compare a collection to a savegame. Both savegame folders and zipped save games are supported. You can use the buttons at the top of the list to filter what is shown. Multiple buttons can be selected at once.

Badges Used

  • In-Active : This mod is not loaded in the savegame
  • Active : This mod is loaded in the savegame
  • Used : This mod is used in the savegame (someone owns something from it)
  • Unused : This mod is NOT used in the savegame (nobody owns anything from it)
  • Script : This mod contains only scripts, so it is assumed it is in use in the savegame
  • Missing : This mod is active or used in the savegame, but you do not have the file in your collection
  • DLC : This mod is paid DLC content from Giants
  • Version Mismatch : The version of the mod used in the savegame and the version in your collection don't match. For single player, this will fix itself on load, however, for multi-player play, this will prevent you from joining.

Special Note : Some classes of mods will almost always appear as "unused", even if they are in fact used - notable among them are mods that add the ability to buy already in-game consumables (bales, lime, fertilizer, etc) - so, when making a list of "unused" mods to deactivate, please pay special attention to what the mod does for you.

The Limit To buttons will filter the list to just those class(es) of mods. Note the total displayed is per-class, not what is in the current filtered view.

The Select in Main Window buttons will select those mods in the main window.

Version Check

version overview

This screen shows you when you have the same mod in multiple collections, and if the versions of those mods match or not. If the versions differ, you can double click or right click on the mod and a resolution screen will appear

version resolve

On this screen, you will be reminded of the name of the mod you are working with, and the newest detected version of it. Note that this tool can only work with fully numeric version strings ( or 1.0 is fine, 1.4-beta is not). Keep in mind this only compares version numbers, not the mod files themselves - if you have edited the file, the behavior of this tool is unpredictable. (In other words, always change the version number when you edit a mod)

Check the box next to old versions of mods and press the Yes, Copy Mod(s) button to update those collections with the latest version of the mod.

To toggle all checkboxes quickly, you can use CTRL+A and CTRL+SHIFT+A

Edit Folders


This display will let you change which collections are loaded, and open them in windows explorer if you wish. Use the arrow buttons to move a collection up, down, to the top, or bottom.

You can use the Sort Alphabetically button to quickly alpha-sort the list

Search All Collections

search all

This display allows you to search for a text string across all collections.

Right clicking on an entry will allow you to select a specific instance of a mod in the main window

User Preferences


Clicking the ... button in the upper right corner of the main window will open user preferences. Most of these are straight forward (window sizes, maximization selection, and UI language override).


This displays what is new in the current version

Game Path

This option lets you set the path to the game .EXE file if it was not found automatically, so that the Launch FS22 button on the main screen works. Additionally, you can set command line parameters here.


This option lets you override where the app looks for the gameSettings.xml file. Once in a while, the app may fail to detect it automatically - this is also useful if you have multiple installs of the game.

Development Controls

You can use this checkbox to easily enable the in-game development controls and console commands.

Giants LED

If you have the LED light that came with the collectors edition, Mod Assistant can use it for some notifications.

Mod Cache

This button lets you clean out the mod cache for the app. Under most circumstances, you will need to rarely use this - but if you have recently deleted a large number of mods, this may speed up operation of the app.

Reset Window Positions

By default Mod Assistant remembers the size and placement of all of it's windows. If something goes wrong, use this button to reset to default.


Use this section to change the display language and optionally force Mod Assistant not to guess the proper language on startup.

Tips and Tricks

  • Think about adding your Downloads folder to the program to easily move or copy new mods into your collections. Mod Assist is pretty smart about what is and isn't a mod, and will happily ignore anything else that might be in your Downloads folder.

Something didn't work?!?

Please open an issue and let me know what. If it is specific to a mod, let me know where to get the mod. You can also hit CTRL+ALT+D in the app to bring up the debug log - sending that too might be a good idea.

If the app hard crashes (you'll get a popup message), the crash log can be found in (v1.2.0+ only):

C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\fsg-mod-assistant - please include crash.log and assist.log in your issue report. Thanks!

Technical Details

The Mod Cache

This app uses a mod cache based on mod file name, size, and date. As such, it only needs to scan a mod once. Unzipped mods, broken mods, and files that don't appear to be mods are not added to the cache. The broken mods item is important as if you have a lot of broken mods in your mod folder, it can slow down the startup of the app.

Also, be aware, that sometimes when adding a new feature, the cache may need to be re-created, making the loading time increase a great deal