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HayLoft Silo

Farming Simulator 22
HayLoft Silo
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A silo to store your straw, hay, grass and silage. Will accept bales through bale shredder. Price: 75000$ Daily upkeep: 40 $/day Capacity: 500.000 liters

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- 3 months ago
I literally place multiples of this silo on every farm that I start. It's just so useful and has a nice large capacity. My only gripe is the elevated spillway where you dump the material into it. It's a pretty big elevation change and can be a little jarring or even cause you to lose control if you approach it too fast. Which also means you can't really drive over it if you have it placed in a tight area around other stuff. But outside of that, it's my favorite silo for storing grass, hay and straw.